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Looking for professional paver brick installation in Des Plaines, IL? Old World Brick Paving offers top-notch services to enhance the beauty and durability of your outdoor spaces. Contact us for expert craftsmanship and unparalleled results!

Welcome to Old World Brick Paving, your go-to destination for superior paver brick installation in Des Plaines, IL. Our team of skilled artisans is dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning havens with the timeless charm of paver bricks. Whether you’re envisioning a captivating patio, a functional driveway, or an elegant walkway, we have the expertise and passion to make it a reality. Discover the art of paving with us and elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property.

Why Choose Paver Brick Installation?

  1. Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal: Paver bricks exude a classic, Old World charm that instantly adds elegance and beauty to any property. With an extensive range of colors, textures, and patterns, our paver brick installations are customized to match your unique style and elevate your outdoor living spaces.
  2. Durability and Longevity: Unlike traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces, paver bricks are exceptionally durable and can withstand heavy traffic, weather fluctuations, and the test of time. Our high-quality materials and meticulous installation techniques ensure that your investment remains intact for years to come.
  3. Low Maintenance: Maintaining paver brick surfaces is hassle-free and cost-effective. If a brick becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced without disturbing the entire area. Routine cleaning is all it takes to keep your paver brick surfaces looking brand new year after year.

Our Paver Brick Installation Process:

  1. Consultation and Design: We begin every project with a personalized consultation to understand your vision and preferences. Our expert designers work closely with you to create a custom plan that complements your property’s architecture and suits your lifestyle.
  2. Material Selection: With a wide selection of top-quality paver bricks in various colors and styles, you can choose the perfect match to enhance the overall appeal of your property. Our team will guide you through the options to ensure you make an informed decision.
  3. Professional Installation: Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen take pride in their workmanship. Using the latest techniques and industry best practices, we execute the installation with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish.
  4. Post-Installation Inspection: Once the installation is complete, our team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure that every aspect of the project meets our stringent quality standards. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until you are delighted with the results.

Contact Us Today:

Old World Brick Paving is your trusted partner for exceptional paver brick installation in Des Plaines, IL. Let us transform your outdoor spaces with the timeless elegance of paver bricks. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards enhancing the beauty and functionality of your property. Trust our expertise and experience, and let’s create a lasting masterpiece together!