Barbed Wire / Razor Ribbon

Barbed wire and razor ribbon fencing are two of the most dependable security fence installations available. They are used to define boundaries for both humans and animals in a variety of situations, from residential properties to agricultural locations. At Windy City Fence Company, we provide a wide range of options when it comes to barbed wire or razor ribbon fencing, so you can choose the best option for your security needs.

Razor Ribbon Fencing

Razor Ribbon Fencing is a type of stainless-steel or galvanized steel wire tape that is ideal for high-security applications. It has an extra-wide ribbon coil which is often blunted at the top and bottom to make it difficult to penetrate with tools or cutters. Razor ribbon fencing also has sharper blades than standard barbed wire, making it even more difficult to break through. The varying blade lengths create an intimidating barrier that is usually installed on top of walls or fences, preventing intruders from scaling them.

Windy City Fence Company , all our barbed wire and razor ribbon fences are installed with commercial grade fencing material for maximum durability and longevity. This enables us to guarantee our fences for twice as long as our competition’s applications—which means you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is well protected by this reliable security solution. Furthermore, our team will ensure that all barbs have been professionally placed in order to avoid any potential injuries that may occur during installation or use. Whether you’re looking for residential protection or business security solutions, we’ve got you covered!

windy fence company barb wire fence

Installation of Wire Fencing

Razor ribbon fencing is a more complicated fencing material to install and requires more expertise than barbed wire fencing. It does not easily bend due to its sharpness, and the entire wire can have dangerous edges that need to be handled with care. Conversely, barbed wire is simpler to install, usually requiring staples between fence posts in order to secure it in place.

Use and Maintenance

The uses for these two types of fencing materials vary depending on the need. Barbed wire is a suitable solution for enclosing farm animals within an area, while razor ribbon or barbed wire can also be used as a security measure for the top of a wall or fence – though this task requires expert installation as well as knowledge for safely handling the razor ribbon material.

Both barbed wire and razor ribbon fencing are long lasting provided that they are installed correctly according to safety protocols. Barbed wire will remain useful in its intended application with proper maintenance and repairs over time when needed. Razor ribbon also has the potential for longevity if taken care of properly but may require additional steps such as painting over time due to its exposure to corrosion from environmental elements like wind and rain.

It is important to note that both types of fencing are very sharp in nature so gloves should always be worn during maintenance procedures unless they are specifically designed with special handling properties. Furthermore, due to their highly metallic composition, rusting over time will likely occur in both materials if they are not properly cared for; therefore regular coating with protection agents such as paint is recommended in order to prevent corrosion from taking place and potentially damaging the structure of the fence.